The examination

The patient history is of interest because it contains information about previous or current illnesses, diets, weight fluctuations, operations undergone, regularly taken medications, allergies, family diseases, smoking habits as well as sports and professional activities.

The physical examination provides information about height and weight, and the extent and distribution of the fat deposits of interest.

The examination - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Further examinations cover the richness and the excess of the skin mantle and the detection of pre-existing irregularities of the skin and tissue. In areas to be operated, it is a matter of the localization and shape of the fat clusters, as well as pre-existing bumps, asymmetries and scars. If a liposculpture in the tummy is planned or there are scars in the tummy from previous operations, I arrange an ultrasound exam for unclear local results. Thus, breaks in the tummy or scar region can be excluded. If they exist, they must be operated on prior to a liposuction. Of course, all findings are documented photographically prior to an operation, so that a before and after comparison is possible.

Obvious medical exclusion criteria for a liposuction are pregnancy, distinct varicose veins in the areas targeted for liposuction, significant blood coagulation disorders, and allergies to the anesthetic solution. Occasionally, when a patient has unrealistic expectations I must advise against a liposculpture: for this reason a precise questioning of the patient concerning his or her expectations is important.

The examination - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Based on this conversation, the findings of the examination and especially based on the wishes and the personal expectations for the outcome, I can then present a personalized treatment plan. Within the framework of the contractual agreement, important points such as the informational discussion, the treatment mandate, the exact costs, possible risks and complications are recorded in writing and are signed by both the doctor and the patient prior to any surgery. (0)32 636 25 25