After the operation

After the operation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

After the operation, there is an approximately one hour recovery stage, in which your entire body is “dried” by means of a warm air device and, if desired, is warmed. You may also listen to music, read or drink something. My practice assistant and I then explain exactly the course of action for the next days and weeks. In the brochure "After the Operation" we provide this information in writing for you to take home. 

Before you return home, we “wrap” you with sufficient absorbent layers that no fluids will drain into your clothes. The fluids may appear slightly pinkish, but this is normal and should not concern you: even with minimal blood there will be the coloration.

After an outpatient liposculpture you are immediately mobile and - if you have received no sedating drugs - you may even drive. If you can arrange for a ride home, this is of course the preferable alternative.

At home, you should take it easy for the next day or so, but definitely regularly move about (rule of thumb: 1 hour prone with slightly elevated legs, ½ hour moving). Prolonged sitting or standing should be avoided. In the first 24 hours after the procedure, some of the injected fluids may still leak from the incisions.

You will receive pills for the pain and to prevent swelling for 2-3 days. In addition, we provide preventative antibiotics for 5 days. After the first day, you may walk as much as you wish and also perform light physical activities. You may also shower on the day following the operation, for which you should keep on the bodysuit (like a bathing suit, the fabric dries quickly).

After the operation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

The compression suiting should be worn continuously both during the day and at at night for the first 7 days, after which it should be worn during the day only for an additional 4-5 weeks. Be careful that the bodysuit does not cut into the skin. You may remove the bodysuit to shower and also for approximately 1 hour, and it can be washed at low temperatures (30°c) (do not tumble dry). On the day following the operation, you may also apply the vein gel we provided you to the treated areas, and later switch to the vein cream. These ointments should be applied for a minimum of 3-4 weeks. After 4-5 days you may begin with light gymnastics, after around 10 days you may gently apply a body lotion to the affected areas, and after 4 weeks, the use of a skin-tightening cellulite cream is allowed.  You may apply the scar cream to the areas of the small incisions after the third week. If you wish, a professional lymph draining is permissible after about 2 weeks.

After the operation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

The treated areas of the body may sometimes turn somewhat blue over the course of a few days (bruising); also a swelling may occur over2-3 weeks. Body weight sometimes goes up slightly over the course of a few days, and sometimes during this time there is an increased tendency for leg swelling. Over a few weeks, zones may appear in the treated areas that are more sensitive to pressure or touch, and at the same time the sensitivity or touch sensitivity might be reduced. Some areas (particularly the abdominal area) may feel hardened for 1-2 months. Bruising, swelling, hardening, increased touch sensitivity or decreased sensitivity will all return to normal. With large amounts of fat removed from the abdominal area, the skin sometimes needs a longer recovery time, of up to a year. The incision scars can sometimes stay reddish for several months. After 1-2 months, you may use a solarium or sauna again. Depending on the physical activities required at work and the extent of the procedure, you may return to work after 1-3 days.

After the operation - Dr. med. Daniel Münch

Beyond the often described bruise-like pain, any complaints, temperature increases, redness or adverse effects to general well-being should be reported to us—but these occur very rarely.

If you wish, we can arrange a follow-up appointment for 5-7 days after the operation. The final examination is usually after 6 months. Of course, we are always available for any questions or problems by telephone, and outside office hours I am best reached via cell phone at (079 215 86 86). (0)32 636 25 25